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a creative space

the pencil factory

61 greenpoint ave, #511
brooklyn, ny 11222 (map)

our art studio at the pencil factory in greenpoint, brooklyn has an opening!

we are two illustrators & a book designer looking for a creative-minded individual to join our studio.

escape your apt!
escape your roommate!
escape your partner!
escape your dog!

(or bring your dog, we like dogs.)

fast internet • lush plants • big bright windows • air conditioning • filtered water • 24 hour access • fancy tiled bathroom • mailroom package delivery • fully vaxxed

contact: alex@eben.com


︎︎︎ jennifer heuer
 jen hill ︎︎︎
︎︎︎ alex eben meyer 

a few of our greenpoint favorites
(actual list is much longer)

wordhomecoming • brouwerij lanethree’s brewingbroken land • paulie gee’sovenly • alter