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studio share. studio share. studio share. studio share. studio share. 

full share or sublet available

the pencil factory

61 greenpoint ave, #515
brooklyn, ny 11222 (map)

our art studio at the pencil factory in greenpoint, brooklyn has an opening. we are 4 illustrators/designers looking for a 5th to join us. 

escape your apt! escape your roommate!
escape your partner! escape your dog!

(or bring your dog, we like dogs.)

full share or sublet available. happy to discuss. space has multiple work surfaces & storage.

roof access • fast internet • lush plants • big bright windows • air conditioning • filtered water • 24 hour access • 5th floor • elevator & stair accessible • fancy tiled bathroom • mailroom package delivery

$600/month (sublet pricing open to discussion)
available now! 

contact: alex@eben.com


︎︎︎ jennifer heuer
paul hoppe ︎︎︎
︎︎︎ jen hill
alex eben meyer ︎︎︎

a few of our greenpoint favorites

wordedith’shomecomingthe diamondbrouwerij lanepaulie gee’sovenly • alter