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alex eben meyer was born and raised in philadelphia, pa and graduated from washington university in st louis, mo. he has been illustrating for bunches of years, and has worked with a wide range of editorial, book, animation, and advertising clients on projects big and small.

his latest picture book, where is my mind?, is now available.

alex’s illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun, often featuring inanimate objects doing animate things. his current dream project is to have his artwork on a blimp. his other dream job is to work with you! (especially, if you happen to be a blimp.)

his work has been both accepted & rejected from some of the world’s most prestigious awards competitions.


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when not illustrating, alex can be found playing street hockey and discussing the socio-political implications behind the consumption of the cake donut. he lives in greenpoint, brooklyn with his wife, daughter, and cat.

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the pencil factory
61 greenpoint ave, #511
brooklyn, ny 11222


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