mega touch

2024 mega touch shirt

when we touch them, 
we touch them mega!
new mega touch shirt, featuring the finest of synthetic wicking fabrics and graphic finger artwork. the two stars highlight the glory of this team, celebrating our two schlitz cup championship seasons.

and yes, we are going away from heliconia for our alternate, and to an easier to match dark jersey. (the rainbows will be less mad at us)

i don’t currently have exact pricing, but expect it to cost $20 per shirt. it wicks! (blame tash, she hates natural fibres) the shirt is the sport-tek competitor performance shirt.

note: this shirt runs large. i myself will be sizing down, but i leave this up to you. this is the same as the fingerprint shirt, so order accordingly. 
get your order in right now so we can have them as soon as possible. currrently, i just need numbers, then i’ll hit you up for the monies.

order now!