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winter &
spring mix

an illustration newsletter?

it’s spring!

okay, it’s still technically winter*, but at least we’ll get some warm days now...and then a foot of snow.

here’s some new work, and some new techniques i have been playing around with.

*okay, now it’s actually spring.


and of course, characters. it wouldn’t be me without a cup of tea contemplating its own existence. i drew this group of pals for a 31-day challenge to better help people organize and plan their money, bills, and debts.

full project ︎︎︎


speaking of spring... 

valentine’s day

...love is in the air1, and i am 100% positive that you love the philadelphia 76ers as much as i do2.


celtics’ fans need not apply.

these valentines may become irrelevant3 after the nba trade deadline.

3 some did, in fact, become irrelevant.