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☀️ spring &
summer ☀️

2021 illustration update
it’s spring! it’s summer! is there even a difference anymore? iced coffee, beach days, ac escapes...

anyway, here are some recent works. the website has been polished up, so have a look, and let’s draw together!

click on any project to learn more. ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎


my new picture book,
‘where is my mind’
comes out june 1st!
︎ooooh, ooooooh....oooooh oooohhh....︎




new editorial,
because who doesn't love editorial?


lastly, and i am pretty excited about this, a new interactive project... 
‘the hidden world of waffles + mochi’

(yup, that waffles + mochi!)



thanks for looking & i hope you get some good vacation time, you have more than earned it.