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years, in review

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(the work goes back further, the reviews do not)

2020 review.

wow. uh, 2020 sucked.
SUCKKKKKKED. it was horrible, sad, infuriating, and unfathomable. ‘sucked’ is beyond understatement, is belitting, and woefully insufficient. but i am not a writer, and even worse, i am an optimist

so while everything sucked, we persevered, tread water, weeped, hid, voted, listened (hopefully), and felt guilty about occassionally enjoying ourselves.

here’s some work i did that i liked, or at the very least helped get me through the hellfire that was the year.


be safe, be smart, wear your mask, be good to yourself and to others, tip your delivery people really well...

...and holy fuck, let 2021 be better.